Gourmet Pastries

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Sinful Treats Apple Bread 6oz

Apple Bread 6oz

Flavorful, moist bread with chunks of apples and...
SBWS-AB $11.95

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Sinful Treats Banana Nut Bread 6oz

Banana Nut Bread 6oz

A classic pastry made with bananas and walnuts....
SBWS-BNB $11.95

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Sinful Treats Food for the Gods 4oz

Food for the Gods 4oz

Our signature dessert! A delightful combination...
SBWS-FFTG $11.95

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Sinful Treats Pumpkin Pecan Cookies 6oz

Pumpkin Pecan Cookies 6oz

The Official Cookie of the Giant Pumpkin Festival...
SBWS-PPC $11.95

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Sinful Treats White Chocolate Macaroons 6oz

White Chocolate Macaroons 6oz

Soft and chewy sweet coconut combined with the...
SBWS-WCM $11.95

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